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Project Description
WiiKonnekt is basic Wiimote connection applcation written in C# using InTheHand.Net's dll to use windows bluetooth stack. It should be useful to everyone wanting to learn Wiimote and Bluetooth programming.

Project Information
I started this project because they're any easy-to-use source code to help wiimote's programmers over bluetooth connexion. I personally hate non-open-source projects...

Coding Informations
  • I tried to make it multithreaded and clean. However, they're much code commented out if you want to try voice, old way to find wiimotes, connection or search part.
  • I included few icons.
  • I use a lighter version of InTheHand'dlls, no IrDA and BlueTooth discovery is faster (find FIX in source code)
  • Oh, yeah I'm french so comments are in french too.
  • This is my first application in C#.

  • Just send me a mail whenever you want :)

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